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Allenbourn Middle School

AMS Virtual Tour of Great Britain Challenge

Calling all AMS pupils! 

We have a special challenge for you and your families over the next 3 weeks.

The aim is for us to take a ‘virtual tour’ around the British Isles which is a journey of almost 4,000 miles and we have 3 weeks in which to complete the challenge. It is also to help keep the AMS community active and see how many interesting places we can visit around our amazing country.

How will this work?

We are encouraging all of you, your families and the school staff to be part of the team. We would like you to do some exercise and let us know how many miles you have achieved. This might be walking or running, on a bike, on horseback, by doing a workout, on water (paddleboard or kayak), on a scooter, on the golf course or training for a sport. Some of you might use an app such as Strava or fitbit to track your steps, miles etc, but if you don't have access to one of those, please use the following to calculate your distance;

10 minutes exercise = 1 mile

10 minutes of an activity (tennis, athletics training, football) = 1 mile

30 minute dog walk = 2 miles

Round of golf = 5 miles

Where do we log our miles?

Each day, we would like you to log the distance you and your family have achieved on the school website, using a link you can find on the Home page or alternatively, click here. You will need to complete the form, possibly including a note or a photo if something special happened or somewhere interesting was visited.

What happens if our whole family go for a walk?

If four members of your family go for a 5 mile dog walk, that would count as 20 miles towards the target.

How can you find out how far we have travelled each day?

Each morning, the final total from the day before will be announced and we will tell you where we stayed that evening and what points of interest were visited on the way. A possible target for that day’s destination will also be announced.

The tour starts on Saturday and we are really excited to see how many miles we can achieve over this first weekend. #Getinvolved#get active!