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Allenbourn Middle School

Class Tutors by Year Group

Year 5 Tutors 5G   Emma Giles
5G Fri AM Richard Wright
5G Thur/Fri Sally Moran
5L   Lisa Osborne
5M   Ciaran Miller
5P   Sally Pegg
5T   Bridget Teuber  
Year 6 Tutors 6H   Sarah Hobson
6H Mon Chris Daw
6M   Mandy Miller
6R   Andy Rosa
6W   Helen Walters
6Z   Sophie Hazell
6Z   Gillian Foster
Year 7 Tutors 7C   Carmen Diment
7D   Sandy Darragh  
7D Mon Louise Gray
7H   Steve Hudson
7J Mon Pippa Martin
7J   Jane Jackson
7Z   Mark Hazell
Year 8 Tutors 8F   Abigail Fairburn
8G   Evelyn Lockhart
8G   John Billington
8J   Cheryl James
8N   Amber Nash
8N Tue Jordan Fisk
8R   Charlotte Randall
8R    Gillian Foster
Other staff:
Teaching French   Debbie Foulkes
    Deb McDonagh

At Allenbourn, we believe the parent-school partnership is critical, so if there is anything you're aware of that might be affecting your child's learning or participation at school, please do get in touch with their tutor.